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The main application areas of epoxy pipe

Oxygen tube (epoxy tube) is our commonly used electrical and electronic insulation material. It has good corrosion resistance, high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, and especially good electric heating performance. It can be used at 230KV voltage. It is not fatigue for long-term work, and the breaking torque of epoxy pipe is more than 2.6KN · m. It can be used normally even in a hot and humid environment.Epoxy pipe currently has relatively important applications in the industrial field. It is mainly suitable for high-insulation structural parts for electrical, mechanical, and electronic applications. It can play a good role in insulation and ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment. It can be said that epoxy Tubes are an integral part of many devices.

Precautions when using epoxy tube

As a more important insulating tube, there are many precautions in the use of epoxy tubes. Only when used correctly can good results be achieved. Next, the editor of Xinxiang Insulation Material Company will introduce the precautions for using epoxy tubes. Matters so that everyone can use them better.

What are the characteristics of epoxy tube?

Epoxy tube is commonly used in electrical equipment. It is mainly used as an insulation structure. Epoxy tube can be used in humid environment and transformer oil. It is one of the indispensable parts in the current manufacturing of electrical equipment. Next, we will introduce the application characteristics of epoxy pipes in detail.
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